Water Management District Adds Teeth to Watering Restrictions

Watering restrictions are not new to anyone living in Florida.  Particularly along the western coastline.  Earning much attention from the media due to the concern surrounding the potential damage that might result to lawns along with the argument that lawns irrigation uses too much of our fresh water supply.

It was common to hear through the grapevine that people would frequently violate the watering restrictions based on the low risk of being caught.  The system relied on violators being turned in by neighbors or others passing by since there were not enough staff members to canvas the streets looking for the errant irrigation sprinkler.  That is not the case any longer.

I came across an article in the Ocala newspaper that details plans by the St. Johns River Water Management District to hire a private company who will be responsible for monitoring a large portion of the district.  It will be interesting to watch/listen to this develop as I have a feeling that many people have been ignoring the rules for one reason or another.  That may not be safe to do from this point forward.

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  1. Well, that’s really true that lawns consume plenty of fresh water which may rise the problem of water scarcity. There are some points which one may follow while watering, one of them is: Water the lawns during evening so that loss of water due to evaporation can be minimized.

  2. Here’s my question, Macy: can we water our lawns siiigfncantly less and produce close to similar results while maintaining adequate lawn care? True, we do not NEED green grass, but a part of the American dream just includes a green lawn (it may not be in our constitution, but an image embedded in our minds nonetheless). My reason for asking is because when a person has the ability to apply measures which will produce optimal results for the individual, it’s hard to resist the temptation. Society has implemented a state of mind that we must adhere to, or else. So instead of completely cutting off the water supply to the lawn (and think about the little critters in there, you would be destroying an ecosystem!), a more strict schedule may appear more appealing to the majority.

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