Painting Florida Field at the University of Florida

I recently pulled together three short videos that walk you through the steps required to paint Florida Field before hosting a Gator football game.  The entire process takes roughly two days (though it is frequently spread across three due to scheduled walk throughs, etc.).  I hope you enjoy! Continue Reading

Green side up!

There’s an old joke that used to go around when I was going to school in Iowa that involved a contractor who stopped by a house to visit with the homeowner about some planned repairs.  As they walked through the house the contractor suddenly opened the window and yells “Green side up!”.  The continued their… Continue Reading

The Install

It started like any other home improvement project that we have tackled. Careful planning resulted in a materials list and one quick trip to Home Depot in our truck for the required parts. Sure. Actually, our irrigation system HAS been a topic of discussion for some time. I just failed to spend much time planning.… Continue Reading

Renovation project underway…

It has been awhile since my last post. Okay, it has been almost 8 months since my last post. But who is counting. I have a new theme installed and a fresh interest in expanding my blog. Hopefully that will lead to more frequent posts. Continue Reading

Fox Cities Landscape Contractors Give Back

I ran across a link to an inspiring story a couple days ago. Recognizing that the sacrifices that the families of our armed services members make, and all of the difficulties that come with someone being away from home for months or years at a time, the Fox Cities of Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association stepped… Continue Reading

Hillsborough County Commissioners Vote Against a Fertilizer Ban

Yesterday Hillsborough Count Commissioners voted against approval of a fertilizer ban that would have halted the sale of lawn fertilizers during the summer months.  Instead of the ban, the commissioners voted to restrict homeowners from fertilizing their lawns immediately prior to a heavy rainfall event and to prevent fertilizer applications within 10 feet of a… Continue Reading

May not be practical, but it might be fun!

I’m not sure if I should admit this or not.  I am intrigued by the Rodenator Pro.  They claim that it does a great job controlling tunneling pest in you fields.  Who knows, maybe it has an application in the turfgrass industry.  Let me know if you decide to buy one – I want to… Continue Reading

Still learning

It has come to my attention that until this morning the email subscription option was not set up correctly on my blog.  If you have tried to subscribe by email before and found that it did not work, please feel free to try again.  As always, you are also able to subscribe to the RSS… Continue Reading

What happens in Vegas…

I have to admit, I hope this is a case where “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” The Southern Nevada Water Authority (which serves an area that includes the city of Las Vegas) is offering incentives to individuals to remove their “water-thirsty lawns” and replace them with a “lush yet water-efficient” desert landscape.  Participants… Continue Reading

New fertilizer law in Wisconsin

Beginning April 1, 2010 retailers will no longer be displaying lawn fertilizers containing phosphorus fertilizer in Wisconsin under a new law that is designed  “to provide protection to Wisconsin’s lakes, rivers, streams and other water resources from phosphorus run-off.”  Phosphorous-containing fertilizers will still be available to individuals establishing/renovating turfgrass areas who are able to demonstrate… Continue Reading