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Comparing surface temperatures of synthetic (artificial) turf with natural turf

There has been an increased interest in replacing natural lawns with artificial or synthetic turf.  While there are a number of reasons why this is NOT a good idea, the video above should provide some insight into what to expect the environment to feel like when one of these synthetic systems is installed.  Let me know what you think!

I should have known better

Let me start by stating the fact that I grew up in middle of the desert in Southern Idaho.  Seriously, the middle of the desert.  If you do not believe me, take a look for yourself. I used to live at the location that shows up on the map when you click through.  Fifteen miles from the nearest town.  More than a mile to the nearest neighbor.  My dogs have always had plenty of room to do their business.

Hopefully you will be able to forgive me for not foreseeing the potential market demand for a small patch of *green* space for your apartment-bound dog to “do his business.”  Chances are that if you are following my blog that you have read my post from December 6th discussing a product that I came across in the Dr. Foster and Smith catalog.  At the time, I thought nothing of it other than the fact that it gave me a chuckle to think of our100+ lb dogs (all three of them) using this little piece of artificial turf.  How short-sighted of me.

In the time that has past since I put that post up I have quickly realized that terms like “turf puppy pads” and/or “artificial turf puppy”  have resulted in a significant amount of the traffic that I get on my blog!!  I’m not kidding.  More people search for the artificial turf puppy pads than any other keywords that I have used.

That brings me to this post.  I am sitting in my hotel in Limerick, Ireland where I am going to be speaking at the Golf Course Superintendents Association of Ireland’s annual conference.  On my flight into Shannon from Newark I took some time to browse the SkyMall magazine and came across the following products.  I think they speak for themselves.

That’s right – one even comes with a fire hydrant and a pop-up sprinkler to rinse it after each use.  And I thought it was simple enough to just take your dog for a walk.

I would love to hear from anyone who has one of these.  Do they really work?  If so, please PLEASE send me pictures of it in use!

It must be immune to canine disease…

Perusing my Drs. Foster and Smith catalog this evening I came across a new item that will allow anyone, and I mean ANYONE, to have a small lawn inside their house, regardless of how limited space may be.  You have to check it out.  I wonder how our dogs, each of which weigh over 120lbs, would respond to being offered this piece of greenspace as a place to relieve themselves.

It does not say anything about size limitations...

Check out the video: The Pet Loo

This makes perfect sense

UF Practice Field
This picture was taken on the artificial football practice field on the University of Florida campus.

Okay, I know that artificial athletic fields have a place. Particularly in situations where available land is limited and annual use exceeds a natural fields’ ability to recover from damage. However, seeing a story like his one makes me admire the sales tactics of whoever marketed this product to the community of Roxbury. They have agreed to take out loans that will require 15 years to payback on a field that under ideal conditions may last around 10 years before needing to be replaced.